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Watch this space for videos from all of The Geek Speak Show's event coverage. Upcoming events where you can meet Henry & Angel include:

         - The Marvels book release event with Brian Selznick, June 27

         - San Diego Comic Con, July 9-12 

         - Halloween ComicFest 2015, Oct.31

                          Keep checking back for any new events & dates!

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         6.23 - Looking Back Before Moving Forward

On a special edition of The Geek Speak Show, Henry plays back interviews from the past as he and Angel move to a new base of operations for The Geek Speak Show. You'll hear from Rod Roddenberry talking about the evolution of The Roddenberry Dive Team to Roddenberry Adventures, tips for first-time San Diego Comic Con attendees from Crazy 4 Comic Con .Com's Tony B. Kim, and from Alec Peters, creator, writer, and producer of Star Trek Axanar, a phenomenal Star Trek fan film.

Henry & Angel will return with all-new episodes (and all-new studios) on June 4th, 2015.







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    Meet Angel & Henry at             these 2015 Events!

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