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  6.30 - Return of the Rachel

 Henry San Miguel welcomes  Jedi Knight Rac (Rachel  Rossilli) back to The Geek  Speak Show and they  proceed to talk, what else,  Star Wars! The episode  ends with some clips of  Rachel and Henry's real-life  paranormal experiences.

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       The Geek Speak Show & 

The Geek Speak Podcast Network

The Geek Speak Show is a weekly Geek Culture podcast featuring interviews with the movers & shakers in Geek Culure. Hosted by Henry San Miguel & Angel Nevarez, they bring their love of comics, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy to every episode of The Geek Speak Show. 

Henry is the one who came up with the idea of a talk show about Geek Culture after spending years in Talk Radio and never getting a chance to talk about what he really cared about: Everything he saw at comic book and Pop Culture conventions. So he created The Geek Speak Show and brought the best parts from radio and added everything fun that comes with being online. The results have been fantastic and The Geek Speak Show grows in popularity as the years go by.

Henry and Angel are seen at all the major conventions and they are also a big presence at Free Comic Book Day at its birthplace, Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff. In January of 2015, The Geek Speak Podcast Network was launched with eight shows that were uniquely diverse, but all shared the same love of Geek Culture that Henry and Angel demonstrate on The Geek Speak Show. Currently in hiatus, The Geek Speak Podcast Network will return before the end of 2015 with new shows, including The Geek Speak Show and fan favorites Scene n Nerd and Epic ComiCast.

In the months to come, Henry and Angel will make some changes to The Geek Speak Show that will bring in new audiences while still satisfying "The Regulars" that have been with Henry and Angel since 2010.

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  Henry San Miguel

   Creator of The Geek Speak Show 

   & The Geek Speak Podcast Network

  Video Interview with Henry San Miguel

     Recorded in The Geek Speak Show studio by Scene n Nerd's Casey Franco in 2014. 

     Henry talks about The Geek Speak Show, how he started his radio carer, and how to 

     be successful as a media content producer/ host. 


      Angel Nevarez

          Co-Host and Executive Producer of 

         The Geek Speak Show

Video Interview with Angel Nevarez & Henry San Miguel

  A short documentary-style video with Angel & Henry         recording the intro for a Geek Speak episode and then     they talk about how they met & how they prepare the         weekly episodes. Recorded & edited by Aaron Dill in         November 2014.