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You really don't know who this is with Henry & his family?

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              Albert Lawrence, Angel Nevarez, & Henry at

                                WonderCon Anaheim 2014

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Jim Lee, Henry & his family at Flying Colors Comics

                      Henry & Max Brooks

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The 2011 Season crew on Free Comic Book Day

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      Joel Japitana, Henry, Rod Roddenberry, &                                     Rachel Rossilli

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       The G Word host Justin Berger & Henry

               aEast Bay Comic Con 2014

The podcast now known as The Geek Speak Show was created by Henry San Miguel in...well, actually, the idea for the show came in 2004 and it started becoming a reality in 2005 in, of all places, Green Bay, Wisconsin.  No, really!

At the time, Henry was over-seeing a radio talk show syndicator and thought: "Why isn't anyone talking about the end of Star Wars (Episode III had just been released.), a Brand New Day, Harry Potter, or covering San Diego Comic Con?"  He started recording pretend talk shows about Geek Culture in his off hours and started shaping what you now listen to on a weekly basis.

In 2010, The Geek Speak Radio Show made its debut on Internet radio syndicator Henry was the main host, with John Romo and Angel Nevarez as co-hosts and Damien Minor as the show producer/guest booker. In its initial run on TalkZone, The Geek Speak Show featured interviews with Chloe Grace Moretz shortly after her star-making turn as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass, Jeph Loeb on the heels of his appointment as head of Marvel Television, Paul Dini, Nicholas Meyer, Rod Roddenberry, Bob Gale, Claudia Wells, and James Tolkan celebrating Back To The Future's 25th anniversary , and many more interviews with the movers & shakers in Geek Culture.

In 2011, Henry decided to make the complete jump into new media by transforming The Geek Speak Radio Show into a weekly podcast. And since it wasn't on the "radio" anymore, the "radio" in the title was also dropped and the show was re-titled "The Geek Speak Show". From the end of 2011 through the end of 2013, Henry brought on Rachel Rossilli, Arielle Kesweder, and Louise DuCray to add some FanGirl geek cred to the show. And did they ever! The show experienced its biggest growth in downloads, going from 16 to 800 to over 5,000  downloads on a regular basis. In mid-2012, Joel Japitana joined the show and formed (with Henry & Rachel) what has been the best and most entertaining on-air team in the show's five-year history.

In 2014, due to the success of The Geek Speak Show, Henry launched The Geek Speak Podcast Network. The network featured podcasts focusing on topics not covered on The Geek Speak Show.

The Geek Speak Show continues to grow in popularity and will be seen at WonderCon Anaheim, San Diego Comic Con, Big Wow! ComicFest, C2E2, Free Comic Book Day, New York Comic Con, and other geeky events.
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 Henry San Miguel 

   Host / Executive Producer

Henry has been immersed in the world of comics, superheroes,Star Wars, Star Trek, and fantasy from a very young age. From a very young age he has also been in the world of radio broadcasting,mainly in the San Francisco market.

Henry brings his experiences from radio and mixes in some REAL Geek Speak, not just blabbing about whatever and oh, yeah, May The Force Be With You. Look! I'm a geek! You'll hear his love of sci-fi & fantasy, his passion for helping up & coming creators get the word out on their projects. You'll definitely hear, well, Geek Speak!

Follow Henry in between episodes here:

Henry  - @geekspeakshow1