The creator, face & voice of The Geek Speak Show. Loves talking about Star Wars, Star Trek TOS, sci-fi, horror, the paranormal, Marvel comics & the MCU, and meeting independent creators. For 11 years, he has been speaking geek and reacting organically, not according to social media or review aggregators. Just listen to any episode, you'll hear it within 10 seconds. He's part of those who were there in theatres when a Star Destroyer was chasing the Tantive IV and Iron Man, Captain America & the original Avengers took a back seat to the X-Men and Spider-Man.

Reach out to Henry with any questions or comments about the show, him, or anything in Geek Culture. He'll actually answer you!

 Henry started The Geek Speak Show to fill a void in terrestrial radio: Geek Culture. He wanted to interview actors, directors,VFX artists, comic book artists, independent filmmakers and other Geek Culture creators the way politicians and athletes were spoken to on AM talk stations. After 12 seasons, 7,000 or more regular listeners agree that his goal has been achieved! 

Having spent over three decades as a radio broadcaster, Henry made the switch to podcasting so he could freely talk about Geek Culture. The show has never been the "typical podcast", rather it's been a mix of elements from radio and a few new things that Henry & the crew have thrown in over the years.

The idea that eventually became The Geek Speak Show was born in 2005 in Green Bay, WI, while Henry was one of the managers of a national talk radio company. That idea became a reality in 2010 when Henry, Damien, and Romo were at KBLX-FM in San Francisco and they recorded a demo version of what would become The Geek Speak Show. Henry wanted to add a female co-host, but none of the girls who auditioned fit what the show needed. The female co-host was found one night when Damien talked about a classmate of his who wanted an internship at their radio station. That was Angel and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.The show premiered on August 8, 2010 on It was live five days a week for two hours. The first season featured interviews with Comic Con International's David Glanzer, Rod Roddenberry, Chloe Grace Moretz, Ashley Bell, Jeph Loeb, Nicholas Meyer, Bob Gale and Claudia Wells from Back To The Future, and many others.

The show became a podcast with Season 2 in 2011. Angel had left the show as the first season was ending, and she was replaced by Rachel Rossilli until 2013 when Angel returned to the show. Starting in late 2012 and especially during the seasons when Henry and Angel were the two main hosts, the show experienced its biggest growth, as we went from 20 to 60 downloads in the beginning, to a hundred to finally hitting 1 thousand and ultimately the regular 5,000+ downloads per week. Angel left the show in 2016, the final member of the original co-hosts to leave the show. That also kicked off the show's "revolving door" of female co-hosts. Although they were all unique and brought their own flavor to the show, it was impossible to replicate the chemistry that Angel and Henry had developed from the first season through the last season she was on.

2020 was the show's 10-year anniversary. Henry also relocated to Southern California and debuted a new studio that allowed in-person interviews, as well as space for video interviews....then the world was closed because of COVID-19. Henry's production company, 22 Creations Multimedia, LLC, took over as the parent company for The Geek Speak Show and Paranormal Perception, as well as some other podcasts produced by the multimedia studio. Because everyone was looking for something to listen to while in lockdown, the show once again saw a huge audience growth during the pandemic.

2021 begins the show's second decade, at least that's the plan....