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At SDCC with Melanie Scrofano from SYFY's Wynonna Earp

Host / Executive Producer

Henry San Miguel

How It Started.....


Celebrating Star Wars' 40th Anniversary

As a new decade dawned in 2020, The Geek Speak Show prepared to celebrate its 10-year anniversary......then COVID-19 hit the planet. The year also began as the show's most transformative period since 2016. The studios are now in a new city, closer to Hollywood. Henry also debuted a new recording studio, perfect for in-studio guests. (The year started with some fun in-studio visits until the lockdown. Thanks, 2020.)  And his multimedia production company, 22 Creations Multimedia, LLC, took over as the parent company for The Geek Speak Show, The Week in Geek, and Paranormal Perception, as well as a new sports talk podcast, Around the Stadium with Riley Chewning.  During the COVID-19 lockdown,  22 Creations developed an audio series called Tales From the Lockdown. The pilot episode debuted in May and new episodes will be released in early 2021 with some well-known voices bringing this original audio series to life. In August, 22 Creations also filmed the pilot episode for a brand-new paranormal show. Although details can't be shared yet, it is definitely not  like any of the paranormal reality shows currently found on television. For the first time in Geek Speak's history, Henry was the only host on the show.  Because of the  entertainment industry's production shutdown, most of 2020's guests were from the streamers and independent filmmakers. Due to a larger amount of people being at home and discovering podcasts, the show's numbers doubled from the previous years, especially for the always-popular Halloween episode.

As 2021 brings the "New Normal" to all aspects of our lives, including entertainment, The Geek Speak Show will continue to grow and adapt and, of course, continue to speak geek.....

For over three decades, Henry has been playing music and talking issues of the day on some very well-known radio stations. KSOL -FM, which was later re-named WILD 94-9 in San Francisco. POWER 106 in Los Angeles and also Y-100 in Philadelphia, as well as other stations in between his extended stays at the stations mentioned above. He made the switch to Talk Radio in mid-1998 and has been very lucky to have worked at KGO in San Francisco as well as KFI in Los Angeles. Helping program channels for Sirius Satellite Radio in its initial launch period told him that there are alternatives to terrestrial radio. Thirteen years ago, he made the switch from radio to online, although he still contributes regularly to several radio stations around the country in both on-air and behind the scenes positions. Henry took his talents online mainly because that was where he could freely talk about his love of Star Wars and Star Trek, Marvel Comics, and the paranormal. The Geek Speak Show has a legion of loyal and passionate listeners who listen every week because Henry never gives a favorable review to a film or show just because he gets an interview with the cast & crew. If he doesn't like something, he'll say it, sometimes to the director.  He never follows the hashtags or movements, never signs petitions or makes videos about how a movie should have ended, he just speaks geek the way he always has.

In early 2016, Henry launched 22 Creations Multimedia, LLC. It's a multimedia production company providing top-quality audio production & imaging services for podcasters and radio stations, motion graphics and other online marketing, and is now producing two paranormal TV shows as well as fully producing movies for the major streaming services.

Even though Henry's expanding into completely different parts of entertainment, his love has and always will be talking on a microphone. It's his kingdom and a microphone has always been in his life through ups and downs and will always be there in some capacity..........

‚ÄčThe Geek Speak Show has a long and quite interesting history. The story of what would become Geek Speak begins in Green Bay, Wisconsin, of all places. Henry was the Master Control Manager at a Talk radio network in Green Bay and one night, while preparing for an international live broadcast the next day, he started thinking about a new type of Talk show that wouldn't be about politics or sports or life advice or religion. It would be about entertainment, but not gossip. At that time, Star Wars Episode III was in theaters, we were in the middle of the Harry Potter films, and we were about to experience an explosion of Geek Culture a few short years later with the first Iron Man movie. That's what Henry wanted to talk about. Geek Culture. Not Pop Culture, not celebrity gossip or who's dating who. He knew there was an audience out there that radio was not reaching. It was those of us who regularly attended San Diego Comic Con, picked up our comics every Wednesday, and would be there at midnight when the latest Harry Potter or other genre film would open. Unfortunately, also in that time period, smart phones were still a very Star Trek idea, as not all of us owned one yet. Podcasts were not a thing like today, either. So Henry knew he wanted to talk about Geek Culture, but the platform wasn't available to him...yet.

Fast forward a couple of years and Henry is now in San Francisco back at the legendary KGO NewsTalk 810. He had been there from 1999 to 2005. Every day, he observed and helped put together shows for some of the best talk show hosts ever. Gene Burns, Pete Wilson, Ronn Owens, John Rothmann, as well as the syndicated giants: Art Bell, George Noory, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Michael Savage, and even Howard Stern for a short time. Henry had also made a return to music radio in that year by joining the staff at San Francisco's heritage R & B station, 102.9 KBLX. It was at KBLX, ironically, and not at KGO, where The Geek Speak Show was actually born. At KBLX, Henry met and trained a young man who showed a passion for radio that was as great as Henry's. That young man would go on to become Geek Speak's original producer, Damien. Also at KBLX, Henry befriended another (at the time) recent college graduate who wanted to be a radio personality. He did love Geek Culture and excitedly talked to Henry every day about comics and LOST and FRINGE and other shows and movies. He would also join Henry a year later as his Geek Speak co-host, Romo. Even though there weren't any Geek Culture shows anywhere on radio nor on podcasts (Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcast launched one week before The Geek Speak Show did), Henry knew that what would make Geek Speak stand out from other shows is if he had a genuine geeky girl on the air. Not a girl who would just giggle at everything Henry & Romo said, or would only chime in every now and then. No, Henry wanted a girl who could hold her own and host Geek Speak on her own if she had to. After quite a few girls tried and failed to become part of the show, the perfect geek girl was discovered quite by accident one night when Damien told Henry about a classmate of his who loved radio and was looking for an internship, hopefully at KBLX. That was Angel Nevarez and as all the regular Geek Speak listeners know, the rest is now part of Geek Speak history.

Henry, Angel, Romo, and Producer Damien launched The Geek Speak Radio Show on August 9, 2010. The show launched and was heard live five days a week on TalkZone.com. Our very first guest was Comic Con International's David Glanzer, who has remained a close friend to this day. The second episode featured Rod Roddenberry (who also remains a good friend) and the show's first serious topic as we discussed the very real issue of video game addiction. That first season featured some very big names in Geek Culture. Chloe Grace Moretz. Jeph Loeb. Bob Gale. Nicholas Meyer. Paul Dini. JJ Abrams. That year we also had our first ever Halloween episode, which has become THE most downloaded episode every year since.

The following year, Henry made the decision to turn the live Geek Speak show into a weekly podcast. Romo and Producer Damien remained on the team, but we had lost Angel as we were finishing our run on Talkzone the year before. That year, while covering WonderCon Anaheim, Henry met a girl who loved Star Wars as much as Henry did. Her name was Rachel Rossilli and even better, even though they met in Anaheim, Rachel lived in San Francisco! She became the second female co-host shortly after that and remains, after Angel, the one who has been part of The Geek Speak Show the longest. The Geek Speak Show continued to grow for the next nine years, in audience size and who and what we spoke about on the shows.

How It's Going...

"The Interview of the Year" with

Chloe Bennet & Luke Mitchell