The Week in Geek is a show where Annie Yang, Madison Thames, and Henry San Miguel take a look at the Geek Culture news stories that were buried by the week's major developments. You know where to find those stories, we'll find and tell you about the ones you probably missed. You can thank us later.

4.17- The Week in Geek - Henry's Soapbox

Annie Yang

News Director / Host

 Madison Thames

Host/Event Correspondent

As an early 90s baby, Annie grew up with all the classic geeky shows and cartoons. Her parents used this against her as she went through school, keeping the TV off until all homework was done. She's also a bit of a gamer in her spare time, having grown up with the Super Nintendo and PS1, as well as almost all the basic handheld consoles. She owns at least one game of each Pokemon generation and Final Fantasy IX was her first official JRPG. 

Throughout high school and college, Annie met and kept many of her closest friends through common interests in music, video games, and Japanese anime. As a long-time veteran attendee of SacAnime and FanimeCon, she prides herself on her vast knowledge of Japanese anime, manga (aka graphic novels), and JRPGs, and she encourages anyone with an interest to step up for conversation and/or to ask for recommendations. 

Some fun facts: Annie is a Ravendor, True Neutral, a Ranger or Mage, and she watched Zootopia in theaters 7 times.

A diehard fan for as long as she can remember, Madison made it her mission to consume all things Star Wars. The movies, the novels, the toys, the video games. She has always had a passion for the fantasy and sci-fi genres, and also loves the MCU, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.  Gaming is a big part of Madison’s life, some of her favorites being KotOR, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Legend of Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, and most recently: Red Dead Redemption 2. Action/Adventure RPGs are what she enjoys most--stories that are character-driven and contain strong narratives. Having some magic and mythological lore doesn’t hurt either. 

Geek Facts: Madison is a Ravenclaw, a Reylo, and a Solasmancer. She always plays Paragon, and her favorite superhero is Doctor Strange. 

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