Event Correspondent / PT Host

Allison Marie is a vocalist and stage actress who is very involved in musical theatre in the Cleveland area. Her love of theatre and complete geekdom have resulted in her becoming a cosplayer.

Allison is a staff writer for Crazy 4 Comic Con and enjoys attending various comic conventions. Aside from doing the singing/acting/dancing thing, she enjoys hanging with her dog, Toto, and is a hard core cancer survivor.

Obsessions include: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wizard of Oz, Chuck, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and all things Marvel.

Follow her on InstaGram:@akasongbird

Allison Marie

Lex Paton was our first #WCW guest host in March 2017. She was so much fun that Henry asked her to become a permanent part of The Geek Speak Show.

She's a very talented actress, having appeared in films and commercials. Lex is also a model, a gamer, and, as of 2017, a talk show host.

​You'll hear Lex occasionally on the weekly episodes, but you will definitely see her in front of our cameras at WonderCon Anaheim, San Diego Comic Con, our movie screenings, and other events we cover on The Geek Speak Show.

Follow Lex on her Instagram: @Lexznai

Henry San Miguel

The Geek Speak Show 

Host / Executive Producer

Lex Paton

Host / Event Correspondent

The creator and main voice of The Geek Speak Show, Henry has been a geek since the age of 4. That was when he saw Star Wars in theaters for the first time and spent the rest of his childhood (OK, his adult years, too.) in Galaxies Far, Far Away, going where no one has gone before, and meeting the colorful denizens found in Marvel Comics.

At the age of 10, he met his life, his love, and his lady: Radio! Thirty-three years later, Henry has been an air personality on a variety of radio stations, made the switch to Talk Radio at the turn of the century, lent his voice to numerous local & national commercials (and movie trailers), and, of course, launched The Geek Speak Show in 2010.

In January of 2017, he opened a multimedia company called 22 Creations. Besides The Geek Speak Show, be on the lookout for new shows and two series produced by 22 Creations in 2018.