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Henry is the creator and voice of The Geek Speak Show.  Like many others, he experienced an Awakening on May 25, 1977. From that point on, he spent countless hours lost in galaxies far, far away, boldly going where no man had gone before, and exploring fantastic lands in wardrobes and learning about the history of Middle-Earth. He found friends not in his schoolmates, but in the pages of Marvel Comics, specifically, The Amazing Spider-Man. Add in an interest in the paranormal and you have the makings of a geek... although that word had a different meaning back then. At the age of 10, he met the love of his life: Radio!  After a generation on microphones, the new millennium made it clear that it was time for him to trade in the transmitter for a modem. You're hearing and seeing the results of that move on this very site.

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Lex Paton is the newest voice on The Geek Speak Show.  Lex is a gamer, model, and actress. She was our first guest co-host and it became obvious that she needed to be a permanent part of The Geek Speak Show.

You can follow her on Instagram: @Lexznai



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Gabby Garnica

Gabby Garnica is a cartoon loving Star Wars fan from San Diego, CA. As she began her first year of college in San Francisco, her love of comics expanded when she discovered all the local comic book stores in the area, and inspired her to start her own Funko Pop Vinyl collection. Besides her love for cartoons and comics, Gabby graduated from SF State with a BA in Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts (BECA). Within her time at school, Gabby spent countless hours behind the boards in the audio room or behind the mic in the radio lounge for her radio show, Hellahyphy. Her passion for both music and her major made Gabby realize that it was only just the beginning of her dream career. Now that she's a host on The Geek Speak Show, Gabby is ready to use her Jedi powers and express her love for cartoons, comics, and music with the world. If you share a love for all music, Adventure Time, Star Wars, Spider-Man, any Tim Burton classics, Disney, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Rick & Morty, Spongebob, and The Watchmen, then Gabby is the one to talk to!