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  8.19 - Star Wars 40th Anniversary

Episode II: Response of the Fans

The Star Wars 40th Anniversary celebration continues!

First, Henry welcomes the founder of The 7th Matrix, Rod Faulkner, back to the show and they reminisce about their first Star Wars experiences, they discuss where the franchise is going, and what makes it so timeless.

Then, filmmaker Justin Berger from HKL Filmschats with Gabby and Henry about the 40th Anniversary and about his new Star Wars fan film he wrote a script for. Yet another filmmaker, Joshua Hoh, checks in and talks Star Wars, especially how it led to Joshua filming Star Trek Wars, a SW fan film. Finally, Henry & Gabby close off the celebration with their own Star Wars stories.

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The Geek Speak Show celebrates Star Wars' 40th Anniversary!

Roddenberry Entertainment CEO Rod Roddenberry kicks everything off as he and Henry talk about Rod's first time watching Star Wars, what his dad (Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry) thought of Star Wars, and he also gives a special message to George Lucas and the entire Star Wars family on behalf of the Roddenberry family. After that, Comic Con International's Chief Communications & Strategy Officer David Glanzer calls in to talk about his Star Wars memories. The episode wraps up with Jimmy Mac, one of the hosts of Rebel Force Radio. Jimmy (along with Jason Swank) hosts the most popular Star Wars podcast. Jimmy also talks about his first time watching Star Wars, how it affected not only his personal life, but also his professional one, and some other things.

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8.18 - Star Wars 40th Anniversary

 Episode I: A New Inspiration