On the final Geek Speak Treats for 2019, it's all about ghost stories...OUR ghost stories! First, the crew from 2013 (Rachel Rossilli, Jae Gibbs & Joel Japitana), then from 2014 the hosts of Scene n Nerd (Pacing Pete & Matt), Annie Yang's ghost story from 2017, and from last year, Erin Olash & Henry's ghost stories.

Since The Geek Speak Show's first season, the (now annual) Halloween episode is always the most downloaded episode. Three years ago, as a Thank You to the listeners, Henry started producing Halloween-themed episodes called "Geek Speak Treats". These special episodes are either past interviews or new interviews with current horror movies or shows, haunted attractions, or anything that sets the Halloween mood. They were a hit with the listeners and are now just as anticipated as the Halloween episode is.