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We also have event sponsorship avails that can be added to your Monthly or Quarter Exclusivity packages at no extra cost. Contact us for a list of events and cost to sponsor an individual event.

The Geek Speak Show 

In-Show Ads

The Geek Speak Show is an established brand and a weekly must-listen destination with our legion of loyal listeners. Now in its 8th season, The Geek Speak Show receives between 2,500 to 5,000 downloads per weekly episode. For the first time in its existence, the show is opening its airspace for relevant sponsors to place their geeky products in front of their intended consumers. The Geek Speak audience is the same audience that goes to San Diego Comic Con, lines up for midnight showings, posts unboxing videos on their social media, and will buy two of each exclusive just because they can. Take a look at our ad availability below and contact us to start getting your products in front of the Geek Speak listeners. 

Pre-Roll 15-second Mention: 

Henry and/or Gabby will do a quick mention at the start of the episode. It can be a plain "This episode of The Geek Speak Show is brought to you by ___" You can also send us the exact wording you'd like us to use, at no extra cost.

$5 for weekly mentions.

(Please tell us how many weeks you would like to buy.)

$50 for a whole month.

(Includes mentions on the regular Wednesday episodes and The Week in Geek Friday episodes.)

$100 for Quarter Exclusivity

Your product will be the show sponsor for four months on The Geek Speak Show and The Week in Geek & no other sponsors will be allowed during the Pre-Roll.

Mid-Roll 15-second Mention

Henry and/or Gabby will mention your product and call-to-action (if relevant)at the half-way point of the Wednesday Geek Speak episode.

              Same rates & options as for Pre-Roll