Henry San Miguel is the creator and host of The Geek Speak Show, which is the result of a life-long love of Geek Culture and an almost life-long career in radio.

Like many of his listeners, he was introduced to Geek Culture on the afternoon of May 17, 1977 when he first saw the words " A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away....." From then on, he had more friends in the pages of Marvel Comics, went on journeys through Middle-Earth and Narnia, and boldly went where no one had gone before. He was a Geek, although that word had a whole new meaning back then.

At the age of 10, a chance meeting with a radio personality got Henry invited to the radio station. That began a friendship that turned into a now 33-year-old career in radio and media. Henry has been very lucky to have worked with and learned from some of the best in the radio biz. Howard Stern, Mancow, St. John, Rush Limbaugh, Art Bell, and George Noory are just a few of the names he's had the pleasure of entertaining with over the years. 

​Now he brings all of that to the weekly episodes of The Geek Speak Show.... and to your lives!

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Henry San Miguel

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Rachel Rossilli

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As an early 90s baby, Annie grew up with all the classic geeky shows and cartoons. Her parents used this against her as she went through school, keeping the TV off until all homework was done. She's also a bit of a gamer in her spare time, having grown up with the Super Nintendo and PS1, as well as almost all the basic handheld consoles. She owns at least one game of each Pokemon generation and Final Fantasy IX was her first official JRPG.

Throughout high school and college, Annie met and kept many of her closest friends through common interests in music, video games, and Japanese anime. As a long-time veteran attendee of SacAnime and FanimeCon, she prides herself on her vast knowledge of Japanese anime, manga (aka graphic novels), and JRPGs, and she encourages anyone with an interest to step up for conversation and/or to ask for recommendations.

Some fun facts: Annie is a Ravendor, True Neutral, a Ranger or Mage, and she watched Zootopia in theaters 7 times.

The Founding Geek Speakers

Host (The Week in Geek) / News Director

Memorable Voices

Producer Damien  Season 1-3

These are former hosts who definitely added a lot to the growth and sound of The Geek Speak Show over the years. Included in this list are, of course, the Founding Geek Speakers. Some of these great folks now have their own shows and others have gone on to something completely different than being a podcast host. 

Erin Olash is a Kentucky-raised content creator, Twitch streamer, gamer, model, and Zelda fanboy. She enjoys all the MCU movies, Star Wars (yes, she liked The Last Jedi). Like Henry, she's also had a couple of terrifying paranormal experiences and as a result, has an interest in anything paranormal.

You'll hear Erin on the weekly Geek Speak episodes and you'll see her interviewing celebrities on camera at conventions and other events throughout the year. Because of their shared interest in the paranormal, Erin and Henry will also be hosting a new show about the paranormal & horror, Paranormal Perception every Monday. You can also join her on her video gaming adventures every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday on her Twitch channel. Watch her trailer reactions, Video Game Eats, Driving with Megan, and other original content on her YouTube channel

Karina Michelle

Season 4-6

Our Team

Romo  Season 1-3

Creator/ Host/Executive Producer

Joel Japitana

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Erin Olash

Albert Lawrence

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Pacing Pete

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Annie Yang

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