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Peter's Pick

Watership Down

8.5 - We Dropped A Glitterbomb On You

Gabby's Pick

​The Watchmen

It's back! After a short absence from the weekly episodes, (and a lot of emails from all of you asking about it) The Geek Speak Show's Book Club is back for 2017 and beyond!

For our new listeners, the Book Club is where we all talk about a book we're reading or have read and tell you why you would love that book, too. When possible, we'll have the author come on with us and talk about the book. We're sure you'll find plenty of new books to read as the year goes on, so, you're welcome!

Gabby's Pick

​Everybody Hurts

8.3 - So Say We All

8.1 - Exploring The Space Between Us

The Book Club

8.2 - A Legion of Ultimate Endings

Gabby's Pick

Umbrella Academy

8.6 - Talking Outer Space and Made Heroes

8.4 - The Speakers For The Geeks

Henry's Pick

8.7 - Some SOOP With Your Vampire Journals

Gabby's Pick